Where People, Technology, and Enviroment Come to Meet


Dreamweaver Foundation Arizona will create, develop and build, programs, activities, and events that will entertain people, educate, setting life-changing patterns. Dreamweaver Foundation Arizona will use a portion of the proceeds to help others nationwide and eventually around the world to bring about a positive change.


Engaging people through fundamental common ground activities to bring positive change, one person at a time. To unite people through activities and a true respect for other cultures. To lay a foundation of common understanding instead of differences. Through planned programs and activities, people will be moved to learn and explore more.


The Dreamweaver Foundation Arizona is a 3 point Focused facility with goals of educating, serving, and entertaining, 50,000 people monthly Through our planned programs and activities.




1.) The Flagship festival MOTHER OF EARTH PEACE & LOVE FESTIVAL is a 10 day event uniting people through music, art, performing arts, foods, and love.

2.) The Awaken Spirit Festival is a 4 day festival touching on Holistic and environmental solutions. This festival brings some of the brightest minds together in one place for a public think tank and personal growth.

3.) Dark Matter, a romantic night of star gazing and self awareness.

Outdoor Activities:

Open outdoor camps for adults and youth alike, Robotic youth courses, Computer and App Programming, Web design and graphic arts, Music and Video production, Business assistance and start-up.

Summer Camps:

Youth at-risk summer camp, adult getaway, .


Fashion, dance, creative movements, structural concepts, natural farming, spoken word and speech, creative arts development, Think-tank and solutions group, non-profit and community networking and outreach, startup business development.


Outdoor classrooms k-12, colleges, universities, environmental studies, youth and adult computer and robotics programs, solar and natural power resources studies. A community garden, structure concepts and building, meditation and fitness areas, performing and visual arts, audio, video, photography studios, self-help, wealth, and other personal studies. Natural foods and products studies, environmental camping, dome design/construction, and community outreach programs.