Yearly flagship events and several outreach programs. The Dreamweaver Foundation Arizona is where you want to be on and off line.


To unite people throught activities and a true respect for other cultures. Laying a foundation of common understanding instead of diferences. Through planned programs and activities.


The Dreamweaver Foundation Arizona is a 3 point focused facility with goals of educationg, resourcing, and entertaining, people through our planned programs and activities. 


  • Festivals:

1.) MOTHER OF EARTH PEACE & LOVE FESTIVAL is an event uniting people through music, dance, art, performing arts, foods. Djs, Artist, are invited yearly to create, perform and entertan.


2.) The Awaken Spirit Gathering is a 4 day festival touching on holistic, enviromential solutions, wellness, sex, relationships, food, gardening, solar, water harvesting, business, wealth, and so much more... This festival brings some of the brightest minds together in one place for a public think tank and personal growth.

Awaken Spirit


3.) Dark Matter, nights of star gazing and self awareness.

  • Outdoor Activities:
    Hiking nature walks, site seeing, mud volleyball, food /dining, camping areas, pond swiming, seminars, educational studies, community involvement groups, fasion areas, art areas, media production areas, and more offered online and offline on site.

  • Camps Programs:
    Computer basics, computer advance, programing, automation, robotics, gardening, solar setup, food growth, holistic products workshops, art workshops, Artist development, production development, community outreach, business development, personal growth.
  • Youth Programs:
  • Computers, robotics, game programing, gardening, outdoor camps, camping, scholarships.
  • Contact Us: