Where People, Technology, and Enviroment Come to Meet

The Dreamweaver Foundation Arizona is a three (3) point facility based in Surprise Arizona. Environment, Technology, and Science are what we believe is a missing educational element that through activities, programs and events with curriculums designed to engage people in having fun while learning. Common foundations help to diversify our impact in a world focused on differences and separation. Arts and Culture is another important foundation the Dreamweaver Foundation Arizona will use to embrace people of all backgrounds.

Community outreach, networking, development programs and fitness areas on the property allow a variety of interactions between people and creates an opportunity for people to learn about each other through participation.

Partnering with companies and organizations worldwide the Dreamweaver Foundation Arizona can implement programs such as the youth robotics studies where youth learn robotics in a fun environment, keep the robots and several competitions and events to use the robots with other youth within the program. Such programs and events have been created to draw people to the Dreamweaver Foundation Arizona and to create interaction, fun and learning opportunities for everyone.

Environmental programs are another high priority for the Dreamweaver Foundation Arizona, starting with naturally powering the Dreamweaver Foundation Arizona and growing to programs to show people not only how it was done, but how it can become the near future of living. Creating partnerships and alliances with corporations that have a green mindset enables a largely missed opportunities to create and formulate new revenue streams while helping to heal the world environmental issues.

Balanced living and fitness programs include counseling, seminars, fitness course competitions, meditation and spiritual events, self-help programs for almost level to help people work from within.

The Dreamweaver Foundation Arizona will help update building codes by helping to blend the mediums that are used to create structures and finding and documenting solid formulas and data that can be used to confirm structural stability. Showing a more earth-friendly building concept with a blend of mainstream building resources and environmental natural products will create a more positive outlook on using more natural or earth-friendly techniques such as using old tires for structural support instead of placing them in dumps or burning them into our atmosphere. Aquaponics systems, dome food gardens, and even a bee reserve will be on the property to show a diverse but accurate environmental earth-friendly mindset and education.

Party, Party, Party! The Dreamweaver Foundation Arizona has three yearly festivals to come out, party and enjoy our facility.

The flagship Mother of Earth Peace & Love Festival is a yearly festival with a capacity of 1.5 million people of all backgrounds in love, peace and unity gathering for 10 days in February on the Dreamweaver Foundation Arizona grounds, and having a blast with daytime and nighttime events, concerts, arts, competitions and much more.

The Awaken Spirit is a much smaller festival with a capacity of 250, 000 people and is held yearly in September for five days. This festival is a holistic, self-healing, mediation type of gathering with nightly drum and music, tribal dancing, and embraces many cultures. This event is one for those wanting to vibrate at a higher frequency, find like minds, and still party and enjoy the Dreamweaver Foundation Arizona Facilities.

The Glow dark is an event that has a capacity of 150,000 people whom for one weekend want to nightly share a moment star gazing, enjoying nature in all her glory in the semi-wilds of the Dreamweaver Foundation Arizona Surprise Arizona properties. many events such as horse rides, nature walks, and nature watching will really be a high focus of this festival.