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Lyndal Spirit


Lyndal Spirit is best known for his stage name Sexy Gold Rose commonly called Love Sexy has spent a lifetime in the entertainment industry. Dance, Modeling, Music and acting Lyndal Spirit has diligently worked almost every aspect of the entertainment industry. The Philanthropist, environmentalist, and animal and human rights activist used his wealth to help others and many times over has greatly disrupted his financial status in the process of rebuilding his wealth only to do it again. in 2015 Lyndal Spirit started taking all he knew and applying it to the creation of the Dreamweaver Foundation Arizona, a non-profit organization that would not only help all he wanted to help but would be funded by activities and events held at the organization. in 2017 the first parts of the Dreamweaver Foundation Arizona were introduced to the public.

Marina Segal


Marina Segal Key investor helping Lyndal Spirit obtain the property needed to create the Dreamweaver Foundation Arizona, Marina has been a friend and business partner of Lyndal Spirit for many years. Marina has been a key supporter and contributor to the Dreamweaver Foundation Arizona and will continue to help Lyndal Spirit behind the scenes as co-director of the Dreamweaver Foundation Arizona.Marina is a valuable asset because of her world views and travel, her business mind and her scrupulous fashion sense. Her drive and human compassion is hidden behind a very tough exterior.Marina has owned several corporations as well as had many partnerships including Lyndal Spirit. Her ventures in opening schools, medical health facilities, and other such type businesses, along with a no-nonsense mindset make her a great business person and a strong asset for the Dreamweaver Foundation Arizona.