Where People, Technology, and Environment Come to Meet

Youth Robotics:

A program designed to work with worldwide robotics companies to not only bring robots and speak to younger minds but to educate and give them an opportunity to build and keep robots they build.

Enviromential Education and Development:

Starting with powering the complete Dreamweaver Foundation Arizona by natural resources, Water harvesting systems and other environmentally friendly designs, to teaching and educating people about products, building and how to workshops. The Dreamweaver Foundation Arizona is dedicated to doing its part in helping to heal the Earth.

Student Studies:

A continually growing list of programs and outdoor classes are/have been designed to fit educational use from K-12, colleges, and universities.

Artist Development:

Audio / Video recording studios, painters areas Sculpting studios, photography, dance studios, Arts programs at the Dreamweaver Foundation Arizona is all possible.

Community Gardens:

The Dreamweaver Foundation Arizona is about people and the best way is bring people together is to help each other in a joint project, Our Community Gardens are designed not only to feed your family but to take foods to organizations that feed homeless or hungry people

Community Outreach:

Dreamweaver Foundation Arizona is dedicated to reaching people, touching hearts and working closely with communities to create a brighter future.